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Lost in the world of pottery — where time stands still and imagination runs wild Incorporating pottery into interior design can indeed transform the ambiance of a space. Here are some ways pottery can enhance your decor:   Texture and Visual Interest:     Pottery adds tactile and visual texture to a room. Whether it’s […]


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  NEW YEAR NEW SEASON NEW YOU NEW HOME NEW NEW NEW – INVIGORATING OR DAUNTING?? – Cleansing to make way for the new.   With a new year always comes a feeling of cleaning out the old to make way for the new.  It’s a fresh start in all areas of our lives a […]

What is under the stairs??

Reading nook under the stairs

Most multi level homes have a space under the stairs that can be utilised for many different purposes.  What is under your stairs?  Some homes have open voids, others are storage that mostly is not that user friendly and some have been well thought out to create another room within the home.   So how can […]

What Rug is Right for you and your Space

Living Room Rugs

The rug can be the starting point of your entire concept it can actually root the design for all other ideas to branch off or it can be a great addition to a space that is already created by framing the space. It’s all dependent on where you are at in your design, the type […]

Flooring – love affair with herringbone

Herringbone Flooring Blog

There are a lot of options and knowing what’s most practical for your lifestyle and the area you are using it in will save you the some heartache down the track. Living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, and entryways all have unique flooring needs: wet areas versus dry spaces, high-traffic versus low traffic.   When it […]

House goals

House Goals Blog

Goal setting can be incredibly empowering, however, can also be upsetting when you end up not reaching your goals. This is true in life and with our home. Every successful story, every successful doctor, every college graduate started out with a purpose in mind and set goals to achieve that purpose.   Sometimes people have […]