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Flooring – love affair with herringbone

There are a lot of options and knowing whats most practical for your lifestyle and the area you are using it in will save you the some heartache down the track.

Living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, and entryways all have unique flooring needs: wet areas versus dry spaces, high-traffic versus low traffic.


When it comes to flooring options the possibilities are seemingly endless even just in wood finishes. But add details like grout, installation techniques, and trim types, and youll find yourself with an abundance of unique ways to customise your flooring. 


One way to set your flooring apart from the rest is with the use of a traditional herringbone design. Herringbone floors are rooted in history dating back to ancient Rome in fact. The herringbone return to style (it never really leaves) Is the consumers desire for texture and interest. This style adds nostalgia to a modern space along with texture, warmth and interest.  

What are herringbone floors?

Herringbone is similar but not the same as chevron, both chevron and herringbone patterns feature shorter planks with arrow-like patterns, but the most obvious difference lies at the joints.  With chevron the boards or tiles are cut at an angle where they meet at a central point, creating a very symmetrical, arrow-like pattern.  Herringbone patterns end in a 90 degree angle and staggered at the joint. When it comes to selecting materials there is a wide variety of options nearly any rectangular flooring material is fair game,  Natural materials like wood or stone look so beautiful in herringbone as the organic textures soften the geometric pattern and their natural variations create elegant subtle movement as the light plays on their natural colours.


If you are looking at upgrading the flooring in your home why not look at using different flooring in certain areas to differentiate between spaces.


Flooring adds a layer of ambience to the entire space, be thoughtful in the process, seek advice and play with different materials to ensure you will love your space you call your home and sanctuary.


Liliana Madigan