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What is under the stairs??

Most multi level homes have a space under the stairs that can be utilised for many different purposes.  What is under your stairs?  Some homes have open voids, others are storage that mostly is not that user friendly and some have been well thought out to create another room within the home.


So how can we get the most out of this sometimes awkward space – if you have wasted under stair space lets discuss how to make it work for your own personal circumstances.  I really believe to my core that homes should reflect the individuals that inhabit the space and be aesthetically pleasing to them, useful and a tranquil spaces to come HOME to.  So many people don’t find their home relaxing or a place they want to stay in to just chill and soak up its ambience this can be caused by a number of things, mostly it is the wrong ambience created by areas of the home that annoy them and need to be re-purposed or fixed.  Stairs can often be one of these areas that need attention because it is a hard space to work with and often feels like a waste of space or just simply dis-organised.


Have you ever thought about your spaces in the home and really discussed through and written down how you would like to use the spaces, or even what spaces you need at home to feel like you are functioning well?  These thoughtful chats and journalling are a great starting point to working through how you would like to see your home used.  Under the stair spaces can be used for study nooks, Display shelves, bench seating with bag hooks, reading nooks and many more.  Work out how you want to see and use the space. 


Read on below for some inspiration.

study under the stairs with storage

Study Nooks are a great use of under stair space.  They fit perfectly into most stair cases and are a great way to be close to the kitchen for grabbing a cuppa through out the working day and also if you have children that you want them to have a space to use their devices that are in a transparent open space.  Make them a feature or more subtle depending on your style and taste.

study under the stairs

HConsider a small laundry space under the stairs.  If your home is short on space why use an entire room for the washing machine and dryer.  Most developments I work on we use a tiny space for the laundry behind bifold doors down a hallway. 


Understair laundry use of space
Laudry under the stairs
reading nook under the stairs
Reading nook



Reading Nooks are a nice little hideaway for the
anyone in the family wanting to escape for a little read or relax these spaces
become multipurpose to as a great place to pop the shoes on before heading out
for the day and can usually have enough space for draws to store the shoes as

Another lovely way to utilise this space as it is usually close to the dining area or kitchen is a wine cellar.